Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Every new generation of rug rats needs to be reeducated by their fathers and mothers. ~ ~ Hence my directorial debut of my Janis Japlin look alike picture, starring Miley Cyrus. Set to take place during a magical [Jim Carrey] hollywood look alike stars/sidewalk/legends contest happening on the strip in Las Vegas. ~ ~ MCed by Paris Hilton herself of course. ~ ~ Talk about phoning it in. ~ ~ Please remember. I AM is actually not Jesus Christ himself; I just act like him in the movies. ~ ~ That said. I'm thinking we make our Miley Cyrus impersonator movie in the context of some climatic look alike mega convention that includes a series of Orson Welles, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley look alikes. And the winner gets 100 of those solid gold nazi bricks that James Bond suddenly drops on some private Donald Trump golf course in GOLDFINGER meets THUNDERBALL, Miami, Florida, just south of Palms. ~ ~ In case all of this sounds too silly and superficial. One of the 2016 contest rules will require that all of the contestants submit a 5 minutes video of them reenacting Burt Reynolds, Richard Burton, or whoever. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DREAMS OF MY FATHER'S BIOGRAPHY NOTES: Last night I dreamed that I ran into Nick Cage in the parking lot of FREDDYS. Wherein he told me that he too really wanted to be in my next LEAVING LAS VEGAS:II meets LEP:III movie. However, his tight ass cunt Korean Asian KILL BILL wife didn't want him to become involved with me in any way. ~ ~ So here is what you need to do dude. ~ ~ You divorce and sell out that short midget bitch from hell and give her half of your IRS tax liabilities.

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