Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Dude. That naive idiot George W. Bush tried three diferent times in 8 years to hold hearings looking into the $$$billions in bad mortgages that were being issued to unqualified minorities; mostly negros. ~ ~ But that married homosexual from Boston, Mass blocked him every time. Because his wealthy Jewish securities broker buddies in New York mostly vote Democrat. ~ ~ Ergo, they are still saying that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, Wall Street Republicans caused the financial meltdown in 2008; and God is not causing the ice to melt in D&C 133. ~ ~ Anywho, love the haircut, at: ~ ~ You remind me so much of myself, circa 1993-96. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOTES FOR NEGROS: Both Sandy and Brad bought their former slave owner TOWN & COUNTRY magazine mansions in THE BIG N.O. in confirmation of my own slave owner forerunner grandfather named Daniel [the 12th] Relf. Therefore, around 99% of everyone in America with the surname Relf is a former African American slave. ~ ~ In other words, both Brad and Sandy have adopted little negro children today for a loving example of how it will be done in the millennial Kingdom of God. ~ ~ DISCLAIMER: Daniel Relf was prosecuted for abusing some of his more disobedient slaves. Especially the ones who refused to breed with him. ~ ~ Sounds like grandpappy was more of a milk chocolate man, than a dark chocolate man. ~ ~ Whatever, most of his grandkids gradually moved up along the day 1290 Mississippi just to get away from all of the bad videos in their life. ~ ~ Where they eventually settled down in the Twin Cities area. Then some in the next generation moved across the FARGO Dakotas and settled down in the Puget Sound region. ~ ~ STONEWALL STREET NOTES: I will never forget the time when I saw a special PBS reality tv report about the developing financial crisis in 2008; featuring the biggest and most important players in the business. ~ ~ And then suddenly, from out of the blue, it dawned on me that everyone in the room looked explicitly Jewish. And they were not the kind who looked like Republicans.

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