Friday, December 11, 2015


Four people died in that crazy propeller hat crash near Pond, CA as the news rolled out of San Bernardino that the feds are still searching for Barack Obama's real birth certificate computer file at the bottom of a small man made lake. ~ ~ Not to mention the answer to global warming. ~ ~ For that [negro/lesbian copiloted] helicopter of Sodom and Egypt that crashed and burned in the 2004 made DOMINO movie/tv prophecy; costarring no.4 ~ ~ That represented the 4 flying medicine wheels in EZE.10. ~ ~ Per all of those recent reports about the ground breaking up and dividing apart in northern Wyoming; near the ancient BOOK OF MORMON period high elevation medicine wheel signs flying around Big [trumpet] Horn; north of 10042' Bald Mtn. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LEPRECHAUN 3 NOTES: Glenn Beck, formerly of Bonney Lake, Sumner, Mount Vernon, Washington, needs to start worrying more about what God is saying. And less about what the Utah Republican Party leadership of the Mormon church lady is saying. Dude. The Biblical 7-year period of tribulations by the 7 mountains beast in REV.17 is almost over. And all that we ever heard from you on your anticommunist AM Radio show reruns in the middle of the night out of Texas was BUBBA HO-TEP size crickets. ~ ~ PS MS PAGLIA: Why is it that I would love to fuck you long time; yet you can't even stand to have me touch you? ~ ~ Do I have bad breath or something? ~ ~ I know that you love the occasional big cigar in the mouth just as much as Ellen De Generous does. So what is the problem here? ~ ~ PS CRUZ: Now is the time to confess that the BM is true, and that you are not a natural born citizen of America. ~ ~ Besides, we need a really smart and charismatic person like you to become our new post-two-witnesses leader in Austin, Texas, not Washington, DC. ~ ~ PS STEVEN FRESH: Last night I watched U.N.C.L.E. Which has you and me fighting over who gets to fuck who in Junior High School, circa 1963. ~ ~ BFD ~ ~ Meanwhile back at the David Letterman dude ranch for horny retired swingers who can still get it up in NORTH BY NORTHWEST in Montana...

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