Tuesday, December 22, 2015


The mightly line in SILVER LINING PLAYBOOK goes, "It took long enough!" ~ ~ For when Jennifer Lawrence sobbed for hours with her mother's little GSR/TWN pet puppy after she had learned that her VICTORIA'S SECRET i/CLOUD cum shots had been leaked on the Internet. ~ ~ Yes darling. Sweetheart. IT'ALL TRUE! Jesus sexually violated you in a good way because you needed it, and you wanted it. ~ ~ What else do you want from I AM ME anyway? That we two just go on and on completely ignoring each other? ~ ~ Like the old Jew media ignores Obama's obviously fake birth certificate. ~ ~ Just so that you can dance with the devil in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II&IIO until the day you die? Sorry. ~ ~ Like they say in the [GOLDMEMBER] world of Kentucky blue grass horse racing, "It ain't gonna happen." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SAAB NOTES: Obama made a rare visit to the PENTEGON during my double screenings of SINGLES. Where we see the pentegon shaped CHRYSLER key of the devil. That represented the 7 crowned NYC icon landmark of the G7 beast in REV.17. Starting back in the FDR Mussollini era of reformed unconstitutional democratic fascism [Reformed Jew] proposals such as Social Security and Medicare. Not to mention the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, No Child Left Behind, the Affordable Care Act; and of course, the REV.16th Amendment that was never legally ratified by the 49 States. ~ ~ So now we see today's born again SEAHAWKS' team President Wilson QB period happening. ~ ~ FRENCH CONNECTION NOTES: I'm only half way through 1971's FRENCH CONNECTION movie. Made back when my stepbrother Kit Winn got hooked on heroin. ~ ~ And already, some NYP detective was killed by a motorcycle assassin in Afghanistan. Where most of today's purist heroin comes from. ~ ~ In the form of the film's brown [LINCOLN, Illinois] Barack Obama black exploitation movie pimp mobile. With the help of today's liberal media personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Whoopie Goldberg. ~ ~ SELFIE NOTES: On my old used SINGLES DVD, there is an outtake no.1 about me appearing 20 years younger during my physical transfiguration state on the cover of SELF magazine. Note the enclosed joke on COSMO about Mel Gibson giving me 10% of his off-shore income-tax-free monies; no questions asked. ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: The whole idea about Jennifer Lawrence knowing in her heart of hearts that she is in dire need of a little humiliating tough love rough-sex therapy. Is the same thing as me showing up uninvited at your England country estate, Chinese Tomkin soft action 7' bamboo fly rod in hand, ready for a little [ROYAL COACHMAN] buckhair top-fly action. ~ ~ Let me put it to you in another way. ~ ~ That good looking bitch who drove her car onto the sidewalks of AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONQL MAN OF MYSTERY meets VIVA LAS VEGAS was inspired by my own private KING RALPH weiner dog stand sidewalk prophecy about an overweight middle aged piano man who becomes the new and improved born-again KING OF ENGLAND. And you get to be the best man at my ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW:II&III wedding sequel remake movies co-starring Cara Delevigne, Elizabeth Hurley, and Chloe Moretz. ~ ~ Personally, I would shoot a ton of extra cash-on-the-barrel footage of Lindsay Lohan in both of these two movies. ~ ~ Just to cover our mutual asses in the post production process.

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