Wednesday, December 23, 2015


"I've seen it!" is the other mighty line in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW. ~ ~ No wonder Donald Trump is going to be the next President of America. ~ ~ Most of America's decent white christian people now want to see Barack Obama's real birth certificate records that they know are on file in Hawaii; not to mention Harvard University. ~ ~ And not have to just read about it in the untrustworthy sneaky Jew media, at: ~ ~ You better start to believe it. ~ ~ Now that even Michael Moore has come out and admitted that he too is a follower of the Muslim false prophet in REV.2016. ~ ~ "That brown car is definitely dirty." Paraphrasing our white fascistic racist hero in THE FRENCH CONNECTION. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 42 MONTHS NOTES: There is a prophetic Providential reason why the MLB baseball bat is required to be 42" or shorter, like at: ~ ~ PS ELTON JOHN: You call me any time that you need me, day or night. That's what I'm here for 24/7\42, you big baby. ~ ~ If no one answers. Leave your midnight yeller phone call from Jesus message for me at Jim Carrey's place in the Village. ~ ~ If you get my drift. ~ ~ "You need to do what they say mama!!" [DOMINO] ~ ~ Yeah yeah I know. You're already thinking why bother, what's in it for me? ~ ~ At my age, and in my condition, I could drop dead any day by now anyway. ~ ~ Fucking Christ! This is getting so old. ~ ~ You give me 90%, I let you keep 10%. You get to look and feel like you are 39ish again. Because. Actually. You are now a for real 39 years-old born again Jesus Freak, circa 1973. ~ ~ Plus, now you get to keep the payed-for house and the kids. ~ ~ You now have 12 months to make your decision. ~ ~ Otherwise, I take my ball and go home. ~ ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Just a little Merry Christmas card note here to thank you in advance for all of your generous groundbreaking indie-tv-film financing support at next month/year's SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL. ~ ~ If not for you. None of this shit could already be happening in Seattle right now. ~ ~ If we had to wait for our money from that mad bald headed rocket scientist in LEP 4 at, or that short Woody Allen look alike half Jew at MICROSOFT; we would be forced to go elsewhere. ~ ~ And you don't want that. Believe me U. ~ ~ Call me a racist homogayphobic Nazi, whatever, just don't call me late for that huge last supper dinner feast at D&C 58.

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