Saturday, December 10, 2016


The latest techno Jew Hollywood movie is holding it's STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE premier today; in an effort to become my next INVISIBLE MAN meets MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO. ~ We'll see. ~ Believe it or not; I am trying to stay open minded about everything that is happening right now. ~ Meanwhile, check out the motion picture's almost invisible Gregory Scott Relf 'eye' forehead scar icon in the sky above Barack Obama's Hawaiian paradise islands, at: ~ Which portrays the time when the flooded swamp gets drained in REV.12. ~ And then the peoples of the prince in DANIEL 9 go to war against the saints. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THE INVISIBLE MAN NOTES: My original naked man movie, costarring my old cowardly friend Dr.Ken Kemp, takes place during a very very cold winter season at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL in Park City, Utah, circa 2017. ~ ["A law degree is actually a doctorate's degree... I graduated in the top (REV.16) third of the class...." Ken Kemp] ~ Okay. ~ Seriously now. ~ Do any of you remember ever seeing me there last year? ~ I rest my case. ~ TWILIGHT ZONE NOTES: Right as Mr.Roof went to court for shooting all of those polite christian Bible study niggers in South Carolina, some building inspector said that we need to get rid of the moss on the roof. ~ Hell's belles, what's next? ~ Hillary Clinton comes out of the closet and admits that she too believes in the Biblical principle of plural marriage? ~ Stranger things have happened. ~ PS BARACK OBAMA: When I was a little boy sitting in Sunday School in Seattle, at that masonite brick church that they were renting from the local bankrupt Baptist church, off of the I-5 Lake City exit in Seattle; located at 85th N.E. and Roosevelt, the teacher would always have us break into the song that goes, "...Jesus wants me to be a SUNBEAM... every day..." ~ And then so many years later, Jesus said that Sienna Miller's officially restored sports car was this little miss yellow sunshine one, at: ~ AND: ~ THE BIG LEBOWSKI:II NOTES: Those skinny Euro trash white EU/UN Nazis try to extort big cash money from Donald Trump's bitter REV.10 skinny little 4-1 election book victory in this one. ~ Wherein both John Goodman and Jeff Bridges voted for Donald Trump in this last IN-AND-OUT burgers and French fries election. ~ Jesus Christ who could blame them? ~ When HE tells you to do something, you just do it, and ask questions later. ~ PS DONALD TRUMP: How about the much beloved by everyone international movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger for Secretary of State? ~ Heck yeah!! ~ Arnold is sooo much like you. ~ He's tall and handsome, in a died hair kind of way; and he has enough Jewish blood in his genealogy tree line that would make him smart and sophisticated enough for the job. ~ Which is what it would take to be a smooth operater and handshake deal maker in these difficult days, like at: ~

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