Friday, December 2, 2016


The establishment tried to blackball Donald Trump in the 16 election. ~ So like his future character does in the CADDYSHACK prophecy, he just bought the old mens club out from underneath them; metaphorically speaking. ~ As just confirmed by Mitt Romney showing up, hat in hand, asking it he could join them; since he couldn't beat them. ~ Per the ending of the above movie when Mr.Danger asks his two assistants of Judah and Ephraim to help the corrupt [birth certificate] judge find his checkbook. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ORIGINAL SOURCE NOTES: I still don't know a God damn thing about the so called alt-right movement; because non of the Jewish media reports about it never even offer the reader a slightest little scrap of original quotation information from them. ~ And I'll be damned if I AM is going to waste my time googling them. ~ Kind of like when they report about all those crazy right-wing reactionary birthers, yet never even give us one word about what makes them so crazy about Obama's obviously fake birth certificate, and his fact checked S.S. number that once belonged to a Navy retiree; who was born in Connecticut, and died of old age problems at a Pearl Harbor, Hawaii VA hospital. ~ Besides, I already know that white people are more civilized than dark people; according to the BOOK OF MORMON. ~ Tell me something I don't know already, or fuck off and leave us alone. ~ Believe me. You don't want to go there. ~ PS BECK: What's next? President Trump makes you his media communications director? ~ Works for me. ~ GO COWBOYS!! ~ By that, I mean that nigger cowboy sheriff in BLAZZING SADDLES of course, of course. ~ 2BC.INFO NOTES: According to the spoken word revelations from God, I have to pay for any wife that I want to fuck. ~ Including Amber heard, whether I like it or not. ~

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