Saturday, December 31, 2016


The unconstitutional abomination of desolation just confiscated all of that desolate land in Utah State, near the DARK CANYON WILDERNESS and Blanding, Utah's 4-Corners Hwy.666 Lamanite Indian region, because the Mormons have become as bland and tasteless as the new and improved apostate Glenn Beck radio show out of white christian Dallas, Texas; per JACOB 5 and D&C 86. ~ Remember, San Juan County was named after Saint John the Revelator, in Spanish. ~ "I AM the salt of the earth." Jesus Christ. ~ Ergo, no spirit of prophecy in REV.19, no interesting and tasty "real good news" testimony of Christ for you about Barack Obama's fake birth certificate. ~ And to add insult to injury, and rub salt into your already very painful wounds; we keep getting younger and having more hot sex with our younger underaged wives. ~ Meanwhile, you keep getting older and having less limp-dick sex with your same old, same old, old wife. ~ In other words, there needs be an oppostion to all things if you want to write a truly dramatic screenplay. ~ Otherwise, you just end up churning out all of that tasteless boring dreck that they are still making up at the BYU film studios in Provo, Utah. ~ GSR/TWN ~

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