Sunday, January 1, 2017


Mariah Carey's 2017 performance of WE BELONG TOGETHER suddenly crashed and burned at the very same time that I was watching Sandra Bullock's future fancy pants church wedding in Beverly Hills suddenly crash and burn in 1979's "10" virgins prophecy, at: ~ Which came out on 10/5/79; just 5 weeks before my own phony Provo Temple wedding cake marriage was crashing down on me. ~ As confirmed by that PUSSY GALORE meets GOLDMEMBER twin plane performance crash at the private AREOMEXICO COUNTRY strip north of Glenn Beck's Dallas area; in between Westminster and McKinney. ~ Per that flying car finale in GREASE. ~ Because George [Albert Smith] Webb's drivers licence had expire on Sandy's July 26 birth date. ~ And then he went to the Father's dentist and had 6.66 cavities fixed in one hour. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS MS MARIAH: At this particular point in time in Bible prophecy, you and I do not belong together. ~ Democratic fascism and democratic republicanism are like oil and water. ~ For example, see: ~ SIGNS NOTES: The new and improved "HOLLYWEED" hills sign happened right when I was watching Jenny smoke one [Jane] weed refer after another in "10", 1979. ~ Think UP IN SMOKE meets EATING RAOUL, at: ~ Wherein yours truly eats out Keira Knightley's married 'bland burrito' pussy for 100 big ones a pop. ~ Heck yeah! ~ I would make the long awaited sequel to this one in a heartbeat; costarring Carey Mulligan of course. ~ Since only I have that kind of fuck you money anymore; to seduce any woman that I desire; the more married the more interesting and sexy. ~

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