Thursday, January 19, 2017


I bought WALMART's exclusive dvd set of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE because the black and red color scheme was indentical to my SUNDANCE calendar vision; wherein the 1960s' CIA tv protagonist is a Jewish Abraham Lincoln look alike at: ~ Fuck yeah, some of my best friends are Jewish eastern european anticommunists who are hip to what is going down at the NYT, etc. ~ GSR/TWN ~ ANSWERED PRAYERS NOTES: The miraculous election of Donald Trump was an answer to the prayers of the more righteous in REV.13: 10. ~ When the President of America would become the leader of the wiser 50% in the last days' ten virgins prophecy in MATTHEW 25. ~ Depending on whose statistics one believes; the USA will still be at least 55% white 8 years from now. ~ That is, if we can deport even a half of the illegal aliens who hold unamerican Democrat Party third world political values, and don't belong here in the first place, like at: see: ~ Meanwhile, half of today's devout Catholics like Michael Moore, Martin Sheen, and Glenn Beck, are down on their knees begging God for some kind of a Divine 70 weeks miracle intervention. ~ PS MICHAEL MOORE: More flavourful grilled sausages, less bland tasting boiled chichens. ~ UNFINISHED BUSINESS: This movie received the same kind of negative reviews and box office that Donald Trump got from all of those old ugly looking over-the-hill Jews who run Hollywood, at: ~ "I like older rich Jewish women... It's more of a satisfying challenge..." Yours truly in AMERICAN GIGOLO, circa 1980. ~

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