Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I watched the above episode on Monday. ~ Because the GOLDEN GLOBES' elite little clique of International Jewish insider film critics has always made me think of those BIG BROWN giants from Harlem who travel all over the world, called THE HARLEM GLOBE TROTTERS. ~ See their big brown skinned boner idol that I AM is talking to you about at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Globe_Award ~ Wherein Larry David's blond Meryl Streep actress look alike [Secretary of State] is rather dazed and confused after he had tripped up the giant black Irishman [O'Neal] athlete who represents the future half Irish abomination of desolation, Barack Obama. ~ As confirmed by the same episode's fake diploma doctor named Barry who advises him to stay out of the sun. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS STEVEN SPEILBERG: Since you now work for me, go ahead and keep your bloated overpaid staff of talented screenplay readers on the payroll. ~ What? ~ You now no longer have the money to even pay for your monthly Inernet cell phone billings? ~ Because my executive secretary Alison Roth, who I AM loves to fuck on the side, probably will not have the time anyway to read any of your secret screenplays that mysteriouly show up on her desk from strangers, like at: http://tightpussyvirgin.tumblr.com/post/100160366059/datdopamine-tight-bodied-schoolgirl-sheena-shaw ~ ~ PS LARRY: Reportedly, the KNICKS' point guard from Chicago did not show up Monday night for their game against Sandra Bullock's New Oleans home town NBA team. ~ PS SENATOR SCHUMER: The better half of straight white heterosexual America only sees you as a communist Jew clown joker; who is probably a MARRIED WITH CHILDREN homosexual pervert on the down low. ~ Who is trying to sabotage the new and more improved version of the streamlined socialism of FDR and JFK; who is not a real LBJ style Texan, American. ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ I don't like you myself that much either. ~ And I AM is probably one of the top ten unpaid apprenticeship ham actors in the entire world. ~ PS JIM CARREY: See what good things can happen when you just relax and have enough faith in Jesus to say "YES MAN!"... and let the invisible man crash on your old worn-out fold-out sofa-bed couch for two weeks? ~ "I never forget a favor..." Donald Trump, circa January 6-19, 2017. ~

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