Thursday, January 19, 2017


Two news reports on the same day; Alanis Morrisette's Jewish manager screwed her for $5,000,000; the Jewish 23TRADERS group screwed some retiree in Canada. ~ While my 'Thank you Judah' post rolled out about the Jews screwing America with their never ending promotion of the abomination of desolation in winter time, 2017. ~ Ergo, Judah will catch up with Ephraim in the last days after their "pain" in D&C 133:35. ~ This being the climactic ending to AMERICAN GIGLOLO; wherein the homogaysexual negro pimp slips out of his big [42 months] brown Italian leather boots and falls to his metaphorical death from a high Donald Trump building at Marina Del Rey. ~ And that 29ish looking German kid with a long blond Jesus Christ SHAMPOO hair job gets away with it in his German brown 911; sporting a semi-convertible [removable] sun-top roof. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS DAVOS: You disslabelng anyone who disagrees with you as a "populist" is the same thing as me saying that anticapitalist progressive taxation and forced equality globalism is in fact the new Jewish international socialism that bugged Hitler and his hard working [Flint, Michigan] labor union supporters to no end. ~ Or as Ayn Rand put it; "The conflict between Marxist fascism and Marxist communism is just gang warfare." ~ VALENTINE'S DAY MASACRE NOTES: They even shot the old German Shepherd car shop dog in this one. ~

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