Saturday, January 14, 2017


Forgive me for repeating myself. ~ But that ugly-as-hell canine looking Rep. Lewis [Jewess bitch dog] is Providential corroboration of the black dog in the White House with nappy hair who bites, at: ~ Per the White Horse Prophecy about the black horse going to war against the white [Israelite] horse and his red [christian] horse ally. ~ Starting from the fake cyber war prophecy in WAG THE DOG. ~ Wherein the lone wolf Bernie Sanders supporter Seth Rich leaks the corrupted DNC's scandalous emails, and then the White Russians get blamed for it as a distration. ~ POP QUIZ: Were the Russians snooping around in Hillary Clinton's illegal operation email server in her war room basement? ~ ANSWER: Is there any computer network in the entire world that the Russians are not messing with, public or private? ~ For God's sake, even the TOYS R US network has been completely cleaned out. ~ Ergo, WIKILEAKS is offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to who assassinated their mole. ~ And not just because they are concerned with fighting crime on the negro streets of WASHINGTON, DC. ~ GSR/TWN ~ JEW BITCH NOTES: Sorry about the above liberal Jewish feminist right-wing reactionary racist lingo. ~ But I have almost run out of ways to shock and offend my Jewish readers on the down low, like at: ~ AND: ~ PS BRAD PITT: Choose your poison; you play my 40ish looking long lost son in THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW remake update, for a paid-up-front 90% cash-on-the barrel $1,000,000,000 multi picture deal contract that gives you the option to play the star in SON OF BIG LEBOWSKI:II&III meets the sequel to THE BELLY OF AN ARCHITECT, at: ~

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