Tuesday, January 3, 2017


I got season 2 of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM on 1.02 at TARGET. ~ Later, I watched the second season's last no.10 episode entitled THE MASSAGE. ~ Which was followed up hours later by a news report of 2 fire trucks jumping the curb in front of Seattle's ELEMENT MASSAGE parlor on 65th and 12th North East, at: http://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/puget-sound/seattle-storefront-damaged-as-2-fire-trucks-crash-into-each-other/ ~ So I checked out Elizabeth Hurley's DOUBLE WHAMMY DVD movie that came out on January 20 in the same year; wherein she plays a sexy sexual healing therapist masseuse against a subplot involving 2 crazy egotistical screenwriter geniuses. ~ Naturally, I also checked out Larry David's latest wiki page, time-stamped at 2:18 London time, and discovered that he was born on 2 July, and has 2 children. ~ Then it dawned on me that I should probably see season 2's episode 2 next; which features Larry having a scary encounter with a blond Donald Trump voter who drives a family woody station wagon, at: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=a4e-4rlks4g ~ "Trump scares me." ~ Bruce Springsteen; half male adult and half Jew. ~ But I digress. ~ The limo driver named Greg at the fancy TRUMP hotel restaurant [DC 58 feast scene] looks exactly like my own private driver for PADDYWAGON taxi in Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ Which dovetails with David getting busted for having a traditional sterling silver [WEREWOLF OF WASHINGTON] 'devils fork' symbol in his pocket. ~ As we see his redhead masseuse from ZERO EFFECT with the masonic Mormon sex cult pentagram star tattoo on her 29ish looking left arm of flesh. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CRITICS NOTES: USA TODAY called CURB:2 a prophetic "...hilarious salute to horrible behavior..." when the season's golf club episodes would become a reflection of the Donald Trump prophecy CADDYSHACK. ~ Remember, Donald Trump has just as much Jewish blood in his genealogy oak tree family line as any Larry David guy out there. ~ PS ARNOLD: The Holy Spirit of Hollywood is telling me that your APPRENTICESHIP TV reality show gig is a Providential preparation for you becoming Secretary of State; when the time is ripe. ~ "We will sell no [cheap California jug] white wine before it's time." Orson Welles. ~

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