Monday, January 23, 2017


Get your wigs ready ladies. ~ Per those nigger loving white bitches in Katy Perry's prophetic CALIFORNIA GURLS video; which depicts the 70 weeks [DANIEL 9] situation in California. ~ When the time would finally come that everyone on the golden coast is losing their hair due to atomic bomb radiation fallout in the TMZ zone. ~ Hence, President Trump's new golden temple veil drapes on the WINDOWS in America's iconic vagina shaped Oval Office. ~ That represent the record breaking [climate change] 42' waves which started to pound Charlize Theron's own private Half Moon Bay ever since Barry Obama arrived out in the Gold Coast. ~ GSR/TWN ~ INDIAN MEDICINE WHEEL NOTES: A big truck tipped over and lost all of it's jealous wife greeneyed marbles near the no.42 exit in the Indianapolis suburb of Lawrence, Indiana, at: ~ Think LAWERNCE OF ARABIA meets THE SPY WHO LOVED ME meets THE SPY WHO SHAGGED ME, at: ~ AND: ~ [The latter time-stamped at 19:51.] ~ AND: ~ [Note the enclosed 4 wives southern Utah BIG LOVE:II movie poster.]

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