Friday, January 20, 2017


Looks like some little neomarxist worm at FUCK YOU TUBE deleted all of their AMERICAN GIGOLO videos that feature BLONDIE singing " me." ~ I do hope that they catch the skinny Jewish nerd who has a SOUR GRAPES type chip on his shoulder. ~ But don't bother to email them; because they will just tell you that the blond Russian allies of the blond Donald Trump obviously hacked their web site on the eve of President Trump's inauguration for political purposes. ~ Which makes sense these days. ~ Since Barack Obama er all also had interfered with the anti BiBi democratic elections in Israel. ~ Plus, while in office, he increased the budget of the CIA by two fold. ~ Therefore, watch the movie, and THEN read the prophetic lyrics at: ~ Hell. ~ It don't matter anyway. ~ Most of you already have a video copy of the above 1980s Reagan era movie. ~ And never forget, .P.,Pence looks exactly like that blond KGB assassin in FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MARRED SERVANT NOTES: That scar on Lauren's leg represents the scar on my forehead. ~ Which was a 1980 prophecy about when she would have a bad fall on Dennis Hopper's BRANCH DAVIDIAN motorcycle in California, that was manufactured in Wisconsin. ~ Except for the motor, which the manufacturer had outsourced to a plant in Spain. ~ Think EASY RIDER meets THE WILD ONE meets GREASE:II. ~ Note the slightly overweight look in this 1950s still, which documents my upcoming physical transfiguration weight reduction during the politically brutal 8 years of Donald Trump's two administrations on SNL, etc. at:

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