Thursday, January 5, 2017


As Obama's fake computer generated cyber war with Danite Russia continues to heat up; we can now see how Larry David's new season 2 mansion up in the hills of LA is a 2016 election season Halloween prophecy of the Jewish producer's luxurious and spacious [vampire castle] mansion in WAG THE DOG. ~ As just confirmed by David Spade's left-turn crash episode in front of that fancy TRUMP establishment that sent his right rear end window tire flying over the curb, at: ~ AND: ~ [The anti-PC anti-communist Donald Trump supporter Spade also has long blond hair.] ~ Speaking of episode 3, David ends the TRUMP golfing story with a loud trumpet blast on the front grass of that pompous Jew fuck who doesn't have a clue why g+d allowed the Marxist labor party unionized Nazis to kill 6,666,666 Jews during WWII. ~ Ergo, they know not that the popular German slogan, "WORK SHALL SET YOU FREE" was a regular campaign line, many years before they put it above the iron gates of hell. ~ "JOBS... JOBS... JOBS!!" is what my adminstration will be all about." Donald Trump. ~ No wonder he got elected in a landslide. ~ And everyone makes fun of Larry's CADDYSHACK golf atire at the end of episode 3. ~ GSR/TWN ~tPS LARRY DAVID: If it is really true that you are going to do CURB:9 in 17, take another look at these new more age appropriate pix for old horny billionaires of Neve Campbell, starting with: ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: My stepfather Leslie Winn, who lived on 16th N.E in Seattle's U-District, always believed that the best wet fly for the Pacific Northwest was the Carey Special, like at: ~ However, I always found that the wet royal coachman with white buckhair and a peacock body was a better choice when it came to fishing for those 6" to 9" native rainbows on the Upper North Fork Stilly. ~ Call me old school, whatever; "I know what I'm doing." Ken McLeod, circa 1995, Bonney Lake, Washington. ~ ~

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