Monday, January 23, 2017


Barry traveled to Spanish speaking California and actually stayed at the private gated Rancho Mirage mansion of his former ambassador of Spain. ~ Who is now an open homosexual married to a man who sells very costly custom made draperies, refurnished silk upholstery fabrics and bed covers, and organic wool carpets for $200 a square foot; installation not included. ~ Ergo, it took only 48 hours for Michelle to finally get tired of playing the beard; and then she got on a private plane for the British Virgin Islands; for a second witness about what the abomination of desolation in DANIEL plans to do next. ~ When he decides to finally come out of the closet both personally and politically. ~ And I'm pretty sure about saying this since one does not have to be a natural born US citizen to be the Governor of California. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: VANITY FAIR is saying that you are feeling really 'pumped' by me right now. ~ Tell me something that I haven't known for the past 5 years. ~ What I would really like to know right now is why the fuck are you up in Park City, Utah this week in the first place. ~ Do you have a new Internet movie or tv series coming out or something? ~ Throw me a bone. ~ I need the info. ~ PS BARRY: Trust me; a guy like you belongs on the west coast, not the east coast. ~ Heck. Even Larry David is shooting his latest HBO reality TV series out there. ~ Whatever. ~ I'll make a few "telephone calls from Jesus" in MIDNIGHT COWBOY meets THE KING OF COMEDY and see if I can't get you a small part in the program that has lots of scenes that take place on the country club golf courses in films like CADDYSHACK and BROKEN FLOWERS. ~ Just for the right-wing reactionary anti semite shits and giggles of course. ~ Since Palm Springs is probably the last place in California where they still vote Republican. ~

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