Thursday, January 5, 2017


That 250+ swarm of invisible earthquakes around Rt.111 Brawley, California on New Year 2017 weekend was just confirmed by those desolate Chocolate Mountains niggers who beat up that retarded stupid white kid in Chicago. ~ And no, it was not a hate crime. ~ Because it is not ever a crime to hate someone, or love the wrong someone, or care less about anyone, whatever. ~ No matter what today's fascistic anti American neo marxist Jews may want you to believe. ~ No shit. ~ Are you aware that it is now a crime in Canada to publicly criticize homosexuality from a Biblical point of view? ~ And for that matter, the racist Book of Mormon is technically an illegal book publication in today's reformed anti-nazi Nazi Germany. ~ Thank you Judah, you pompous meathead man child idiot. ~ Think I'll have another one bartender from the mini bar. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 222 NOTES: Larry David [Letterman] becomes the invisible man, 'open 24 hours' after he pulls up to the curb in [Jesse] Ventura with a flat tire. ~ Sometimes good TV happens for a good reason; not to mention good radio. ~ PS EL WOOD: Those series of ground shaking [DR. STRANGE LOVE] earthquakes that shook up Bombay, CA at the exact real-time when we were at BOMBAY furnishings in Bellevue, Washington, circa 2005, were about that professional Donald Trump brawler in Season:2, episode 2. ~ PS REDFORD: There is a Providential reason why you are an 80s year-old guy who is around the same height as your average 14 year-old redheaded boy. ~ EPISODE 3 NOTES: I see that this one, entitled TRICK OR TREAT, takes place at the hight of the national election week on October 31, 2016. ~ Wherein Larry's handicapped screenwriter friend, who just got the shit beat out of him in Chicago by those wild at heart niggers, causes him to question and reevaluate his fake morning newspaper "ass man" nigger bitch lover news values. ~ PS CAREY MULLIGAN: Hang in there baby. ~ I AM is about ready to come all over your face. ~ PS BARACK OBAMA: If you had never happened to be, I AM would never have happened to be. ~ "Jesus was a Jew you know..." Leslie Winn, circa 1968. ~ PS KEN MCLEOD: Jesus wants me to go back to school, yet again, in Provo, Utah. ~ So I AM is probably going to need a full selection of your famous thick "gray hackle red" German trout dry flies in every size and color; ranging from size 12 to size 8, like at: ~

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