Sunday, January 15, 2017


THE BELLY OF AN ARCHITECT debuted at Cannes right before Ken and I stayed at the very same HOTEL SOLE room in Roma featured at: ~ In confirmation of my Mr.Sunshine mormon missionary pope figure in ROMA ~ Then my inspired temple veil WINDOWS computer biopic finally came out in the USA on my French exwife's birthday in 1990, at: ~ Which was the core Portland, Oregon inspiration behind why MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO prophecy ends among the seven hills of Roma, Italia, at: ~ Ergo, UNDER THE SUN [sole] OF SATAN's prophecy about Obama's 666 political campaign logo won the gran prix at CANNES, per: ~ GSR/TWN ~ NOTES ON THE PHYSICAL TRANSFIGURATION: The two sticks drummer was one of the two guys in TOWER OF POWER who were hit by a soul train in Oakland, at: ~ PS REDFORD: Last night I had a vision that all of the dates on my new BROWN TROUT PUBLICANATIONS calendar turned red during your 1980s inspired SUNDANCE FILM festival in Park City, Utah. ~ PS CIA MAN: You pissed away your reputation as A SERIOUS MAN who had any 1950s style credibilty left in him years ago; when you and the talk-radio boys got such a big laugh out of the fact that Barack Obama was born in Africa, and is not even a US citizen. ~

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