Monday, January 2, 2017


Today's CIA is run by an old nigger-loving Jew who doesn't exactly like white Christian straight guys like Donald Trump, er all. ~ So I took another last look at CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND's prophecy about that Donald Trump look alike who duped all of those smart ass [George Clooney] CIA men at about 1:02... into the Jewish produced movie that came out on New Years Eve in 2002. ~ Wherein the Scottish tartan players get kicked off the stage on THE GONG SHOW. ~ And THE DATING GAME show turns out to be some kind of an apprentice relationship reality TV thing that connected to the film's opening scenario of Ronald Reagan:II getting sworn into office on January 20, 2017. ~ "Idiot!" Napoleon Dynamite, circa 2004. ~ GSR/TWN ~ APPRENTISHIP NOTES: Based upon the last two days of full page ads in the NYT, I guess we now know who that rightwing Nazi Republican Party muscle man from Milwaukee, via Austia's highlander mountains, Arnold Schwarzenegger, ended up voting for; after the voting booth's HOLY OF HOLIES' temple veil curtain had closed shut and nobody was looking, at: ~ "Why vote for Clinton when you could vote for Trump; as a more realistic option?" Michael Moore. ~ "Not that there's anything wrong with that." Larry David in CURB YOUR ORGASMS, season two. ~ Think about it. ~ By now everybody and his mixed race little short toto dog knows that Gov. Schwarzenegger is your typical Book of Mormon white manly polygamist. ~ Who flies in and out on his private jet to my own luxury private desert springs retreat, complete with private German brown trout fly fishing creek, in the Lake Powell area. ~

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