Sunday, January 22, 2017


DANIEL's prophetic plane to Spain [Spanish speaking California] had to land at the March airport because of the stormy weather themes in the next day's dazed and confused female voters march in DC. ~ As depicted in Natatalie Merchant's prophetic video about the weather, at: ~ Featuring insert shots of the black African mask of the man born in Kenya, and a repeat motif of the dry rock scenery in Rancho Mirage, off of Hwy.111. ~ GSR/TWN ~ FEMALE HYSTERIA NOTES: That negro Baptist church in Hattiesburg, Miss was destroyed by a tornado for the second [witness] time in 3 1/2 years. ~ In confirmation of all the Misses marching in America for only God knows why. ~ Note the I-5.9 and Hwy.4.9 landmarks for Miss 4.9 marching with all of those other cold hearted disobedient Jewish lesbians from Brooklyn, NY at the SUNDANCE [weather change movies] film festival in Park City, Utah. ~ PS MS MERCHANT: Your Irish Italian surname is a prophecy about the last days of America; when a tall blond man in the Greek White House will have the right private property attitude towards today's small business AAMCO car shop merchants. ~ Who have been oppressed for decades by the new 666 beast's CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964, etc. ~ Hence that powerful 7.9 in the Jewish lesbian REV.13 Solomon Sea. ~ PS SCAR JO: I am not trying to be a snarky smarty pants jerk here. ~ By pointing out that you were sporting the same Blondie comb-over shampoo job as Donald Trump; way before anyone in your home town of New York even knew what was happening to them. ~ MR IMPERIUM NOTES: The abomination of desolation in MARK 13:14 immediately left for Spanish California's Chocolate Mtns. region in EZE.37, etc... Because he wants to become the eventual gay ass BEACH BOYS meets BUTT HOLE SURFERS successor to Gov. Brown. ~ As depicted by this inspired video of the same negro pimp dog in AMERICAN GIGOLO, at: ~ Oh yeah, Hintonville is located in Perry County, Miss. ~ PS RED CHINA: After you illegal aliens invade and take over what's left of the illegal alien occupation of California; be sure to teach your young soldiers on how to respect and honor the women. ~ Think AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN meets THE BLOB. ~ PS IL PAPA: Try to be more specific the next time that you equate Donald Trump with Adolf Hitler and my antihero in HANNIBAL:III ~ The real people have grown tired of all the fake news rumors and innuendo, sensa any specific factual quotations about Barack Obama being born in Hawaii, and not Kenya, Africa. ~

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