Wednesday, January 4, 2017


A lot of innocent and naive, and well intentioned athiest liberal Jews got hit pretty hard on the head when that train jumped the curb in Kings County, Brooklyn. ~ In confirmation of MOONSTRUCK:2 meets MOONWALKERS:2 meets DEATHTRAP:2. ~ Not to mention all of that stiff necked whiplash happening. ~ Which happened to happen right after I read that they will be doing CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM:9 in 2017. ~ What's next?.. HBO resurrects their very successful BIG LOVE series with a whole new born again cast of physically transfigured horny-as-hell characters? ~ I wouldn't put it past them. ~ News flash, the future is heterosexual, not homosexual. ~ What the fuck, either you do it my way; or me and the boys in Seattle do it for you. ~ Things start to happen pretty quickly when you triple any offer that those tight ass Jews in Hollwood are making these days. ~ And don't fool yourself either. ~ Most A-list actors would do anything if we could just get started on the picture in the next few months; and maybe not maybe sometime in the next few years. ~ Which is like some young hot-to-trot actress on the new set who is ready to go; but then the old middle aged Jewish directer suddenly says that we are going to need a few more hours to get the lighting right. ~ GSR/TWN ~

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