Saturday, January 28, 2017


MISSION IMPOSSIBLE's 'IM' theme score hits one upside the head with it's powerful Donald Trump trumpets at the beginning of the end to the series' debut PILOT episode. ~ Wherein the good guys escape from inside the 666 vault that is the mark of the 666 beast's shadow hand on the 8mm projection of the man with a tan mask in FANTASY ISLAND meets THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN; shot in part in Red China. ~ Or as that sweaty fat negro lady in a shiny blue dress sings in WILD AT HEART, "Your love is like a bomb." ~ And, "It all started to happen in the 60s..." Elton John. ~ GSR/TWN ~ NEW READERS NOTES: That charming but emotionless tall thin vampirical man who does not respect the desires of women in DANIEL is a prophetic Barry Obama figure; who uses Donald Trump's cowboy supporters for target practice in THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN meets GOLDMEMBER ~ I AM NOTES: No.I.Am.Not.Jesus. ~ I just play him in the movies and on television. ~ Get a life people. ~

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