Sunday, January 8, 2017


That astonishing chameleon pic of Jerry Seinfeld blending in with the colored [Colorado] peoples of the DAN. 9 prince at his long goodbye party are fascinating people everywhere around the globe, like at: ~ Which relates directly to the ZILEG clip that opens with Trump's muted trumpet motif at: ~ For like what Larry David says in episode 7 of season 1; "It sounded like his horn!" ~ When that angry Tump supporter rear ended him and his Jewish friends in the 2016 Halloween season election. ~ Which opened with a scene about Larry's failed SOUR GRAPES movie that itself opens with a slot machine jackpot at the TRUMP casino in Atlantic City, circa 1998. ~ GSR/TWN ~ DANIA BEACH, FLORIDA NOTES: That foolish 5 virgins killer/shooter at the Dania Beach airport was symbolic of the "fools" that Trump says are trying to sabotage America's relations with White Russia. ~ Take for example the dazed and confused Julia Louis-Dreyfus female voter; who attended the same above Greek frat house [SCHOOL DAZE meets SHE'S GOTTA HAVE IT] pussy party because she, "...wanted to thank President Obama for his 8 years of excellent leadership." ~ AAMCO NOTES: The famous transmisson repair franchise called 'AAMCO' stands for America in Americano. ~ For a prophecy about when an Orange County tall white man Republican like John Wayne would become the President Of America and finally shift gears. ~ After 8 years of being oppressed by their Jewish women and their cute little pet monkey dogs; in such films as DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERKY HILLS and OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY, at:'s_Money ~ "And leave the [white] skin on!" Says Robert Duvall to his [FOSTER FARMS fresh organic young chichen] wife at the end of: ~ CURB NOTES: In episode 7, Larry's joke about hosting America's "Young Republicans" over for a D&C 58 dinner feast is a physical transfiruration inspiration. ~

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