Friday, January 27, 2017


MISSION IMPOSSIBLE's iconic cold war red and black 1966 pilot has Barry Obama hiding out at a fancy TRUMP hotel resort in the British Virgin Islands. ~ Where a mysterious dark masked third world leader in exhile has those two nukes of Judah and Ephraim locked up in a basement vault. ~ Which ends with the blondie good guys barely getting away on Rush Limbaugh's private Jet. ~ After the abomination of desolation had set up today's bad blood winter time cold war situation. ~ That we now have thawing out and heating up in the kitchen like some rozen 10lb FOSTERS FARMS chicken; in the form of a tall TRUMP TOWER office building in New York City. ~ See my born again Taylor Swift third-way wife with the pre-Trump hair job, at: AND: ~ All is well that ends well. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS SARA SILVERMAN: Barack Obama did the same thing to America that you did to Jimmy Kimmel. ~ Hence, that prophetic scenario in A CLOCKWORK ORANGE; where you get metaphorically rapped by that right-wing Kit Winn look alike guy on some run down and abandoned late night [1971] talk show stage. ~ "Jimmy Kimmel is the closest thing that we have to Johnny Carson today." Greg Relf, 2005. ~ PS EVANGELINE LILLY: Just tell the Canadian immigration authorities that our upcoming sacred and eternal marriage certificate is not some scam to get me a valid evil legal BC resident visa drivers license and passport, plus a low milage looking race car green 1996ish 911 with properly tagged British diplomat [King County, Seattle, Washington] plates, per: ~ Don't worry honey, you'll get your tax-free off-shore cash-money on the barrel, Italian style, from my British Virgins bank account sooner rather than later. ~ Minus my usual 10%. ~ Per: ~

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