Saturday, January 7, 2017


The shooter at the Hollywood, Florida airport's baggage claim was confirmation of the Danite suitcase bomb in the REAR WINDOW prophecy. ~ Remember, Alfred Hitchcock's iconic television series prophile features Hamilton, Montana right on the bridge of his nose. ~ Just across the Idaho borderline landmarks of 8282' Grave Peak, and 8742' Hunter Peak. ~ And I caught my first brown trout on a no.8 McLeod buckhair grasshopper top fly on Rock Creek in Clinton, Montana. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ARNOLD: The Germanic white people in your adopted home town of Milwaukee voted for Donald Trump exactly because he did not represent ALL the nutty and fruity peoples of California. ~ Who make up around 10% of the population of America right there. ~ DAVIE, FLORIDA NOTES: I happened to watch episode 5, of season 2's THE THONG on Epiphany Friday. ~ Wherein David is seeing a short Jewish psychoanalyst because he is hearing angry voices in his head. ~ And so he experiences a Terminal 2 airport epiphany that made him understand, "I AM THE TERMINATOR!!" ~ And he has become healed by the 911 Indian medicine wheels in EZEKEIL 10, yada yada. ~ Don't laugh. ~ CURB:2's Donald Trump episodes called THOR was an ass man prophecy about the timeline when the Kardashians have become the new SEINFELD TV ratings monsters at: ~ PS MS.CLINTON: You won the popular vote in California because California makes up about 10% of the INSANE CLOWN POSSE population of the latter day Sodom and Egypt in REVELATION 11. ~ But guess what, probably 99% of the stars in this propheticly inspired music video had already mailed in their votes for Donald Trump by 2016's TRICK OR TREAT season election, at: ~ Damn straight, there has to be more to this life, and the next life too, than free Jewish federal food stamps, free Jewish Section 8 housing, and free Jewish Obamacare; which all sounds pretty fishy to me. ~ TWO WEEKS NOTICE NOTES: Yesterday's episode was a two weeks notice for the Greek church's January 19 Epiphany Day feast of the three kings in D&C 58. ~ Wherein we see yours truly, the future 59ish King of Hollywood, sitting at the festive table feast with Gisele Bundchen and Donatella Greco in ROMA meets IT STARTED IN NAPLES, at: ~ PRESIDENT ELECT NOTES: In episode 5 of SEASON:2, Larry David can not believe that he is actually sitting down at the same table with President Trump for lunch. ~ Hence, that lunch time shooting at the Hollywood, Florida airport in day 1290 Dania. ~ Seriously, this happened right after all of those news stories about Trump spending the holidays at his compound in the same area. ~

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