Monday, January 30, 2017


Right after Canada's spoiled rotten JT brat welcomed all of those banned refugees from the symbolic 7 nations of the islamic antichrist beast; those two golden gun shooters of Judah and Ephraim attacked an Islamic mosque in French Quebeck, at: ~ Just to make sure that my two underaged sister wives up in the Vancouver, BC area get today's LA LA LAND message, loud and clear, like in the ROLLING STONES video link up at: ~ Oh yeah, "Too much, too soon." BLACKBALL, per: ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS ERIC JADERHOLM: My preternatural gift to hit anything that I aimed my Model 17 .22 S&W 6-shooter at was a physical transfiguration prophecy in the form of: ~ Seriously dude, I'm only a man made out of flesh and bone, just like you. ~ And when it appears sometimes that I AM is a way better shot than you, it's just a symbolic Jesus Christ in the flesh thing. ~ DEVELOPING NEWS NOTES: Last night I noticed that the 7th episode of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE played out on my own private HASTY TASTY birthday in Seattle on October 29, 1966. ~ Wherein the smart negro is recruited to correct the election 2016 casino slot machines that won the Donald Trump 777 jackpot election for the blond wig man hero in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER meets GOLDFINGER. ~ PS MISS WATSON: There is a reason why Britney Spears does not have a fake finger nail on her middle finger. ~

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