Wednesday, January 11, 2017


O'Neal's no.34 NBA LAKERS jersey is a Divine reference to the dark skinned giants cited in MOSES 7:15 and MOSES 8:18. ~ Which was just confirmed by the KNICKS' star player from the Chicago BULLS who didn't even bother to say goodbye on Monday. ~ And then the next day, Mr. BIG BROWN gave his fake goodbye speech at the Scottish surnamed MC CORMIC CENTER. ~ Adding insult to injury to the mighty line in CURB: 2, 8, that goes, "Nobody says goodbye anymore." ~ In fact, I would bet donuts to dollars that Senator D'Amato didn't say goodbye either; when he pulled a Larry David and got kicked off of that JET BLUE flight in the Davie, Florida area airport, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ BIBLE STUDY NOTES: The birthday book in CURB: 2:8 represents the book of life in REVELATION 20. ~ Hence the exact +20 closing of the HWY.101 NASDAQ on the very same day of Barry Obama's REVENGE OF THE NERDS:2 speech. ~ When Mr. Roof was sentenced to death for killing all of those innocent and well intentioned negros at their weekly coffee and donuts Bible study class. ~ And no, I AM is not making this up. ~ Next, he is going to be tried by the full force of the federal government in Washington, DC for being a guy who hates colored people. ~ Talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill. ~ PS HUGH GRANT: Since you and I are going to become best friends forever after the 69 weeks of INSANE POSSE CLOWN IT hell in DAN.9. ~ Always take a taxi, and never take the underground; or walk to it. ~ "I don't see any reason to own a car in London." SEAN OF THE DEAD. ~ PS LL: Don't worry, you already got the part as my age appropriate fuck interest subplot character in HANNIBAL:3, at: ~ Because when you have my kind of self-insured child-support indie film production money, nobody gives a shit if you show up on set in time or not. ~ No. Really. Compare how much tax free off-shore cash money I have parked in the Bahamas to LOYDS OF LONDON and MET LIFE put together. ~ Big wow. You don't show up on set without even calling me, or saying goodbye. ~ Then I have to cover your scenes with a few insert shots of me fucking your FBI rookie partner apprentice played by Chloe Moretz. ~ It's almost as if I AM is daring you to do it; and then I fix it in the mix in post. ~ LEAKED SCRIPT DIALOGUE NOTES: Talking on the phone. "Hi baby, missed you this morning. Can you come over later and we do a few pick up shots?" GREG. ~ "I'll be right there darling... I was just going out the door..." LINDI. ~

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