Sunday, January 29, 2017


Those two post WWII cold war nukes of Judah and Ephraim are shaped like an AAMCO car transmission in the pilot episode of MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, 19666. ~ After we see the red, white, and blue secret combinations on the American flag that blows open the 7 seals in REVELATION; i.e. the sealed part of the BM that not even Joseph Smith was allowed to talk about, at: ~ Talk about 1NEPHI 14. ~ When the time would come that there will be wars in America between the states and the counties and the cities at; both literally and metaphorically speaking. ~ What's the big deal anyway? ~ Maybe you actually die physically and then you literally rise up from the grave physically in the first resurrection. ~ Or, you just have a nervous breakdown spiritual death experience and then pull yourself out of it; like in MULHOLLAND DRIVE meets 1984's REPO MAN, at: ~ GSR/TWN ~ 1984 NOTES: Many of today's modernist cities that are being run by rich white married homosexual Jews and ugly black overweight lesbians have hired people to go around the streets and inspect their neighbor's garbage cans to make sure that they are not not recycling and not not wasting food. ~ Meanwhile, the NYT er all are warning people to reread 1984; now that there is a blond white man in the White House in DC.

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