Sunday, December 25, 2016


After the Mormon church is suddenly cleansed like a dirty plate, with one quick swipe under the new clean water faucet, all of it's members will be given 12 months to decide if they want to become re-bapitised and born again; or have their relapsed membership records completely deleted. ~ Per that flooded out house in Chicago that opens CHRISTMAS VACATION:II 2016,the PG rated 2004 tv movie. ~ That might as well been directed by Bonney Lake's own famous BYU alumnus filmmaker Bruce Troxel. ~ Which the REV.12 mother tries to fix with the two yuuuge pipe wrenches of Judah and Ephraim. ~ And then the mixed family of lost Israel goes on a Christmas vacation in Hawaii. ~ Where the great white "rogue" shark in Donald Trump's island beach JAWS prophecy takes them all to a new place. ~ Located on the far side of his resort hotel island paradise. ~ Meanwhile, Alec Baldwin er all are on their own private HIGHWAY TO HELL in LOST HIGHWAY meets ROGUE ONE. ~ As just confirmed by that Russian jet crash into the ancient Sea of Israel. ~ Which is now called the Black [Irish] Sea, for obvious reasons. ~ GSR/TWN ~ X-MAS-16 NOTES: Here is Uncle Eddie looking like Santa Claus these days in Lincoln, Vermont, at: ~ Note the crazy orange hair wig wool cap and the manly Scottish tartan coat of many colors. ~ Not to mention the white Greek columns orthodox church in the cold north background. ~ Per the manly score that wraps up the movie at: ~ Or like Sharon Stone always used to say back in her late 20s, early 30s, "If it ain't got no SHWING! it don't mean a thing." ~ PS TRUMP: The reason why Russia and China will become that bain of your presidency is because, like Glenn Beck er all, you support gay rights and progressive taxation. ~ That said, like Adam Sanders, you are one of my guys. ~ And not one of those other strange looking dark skinned guys. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: Loving your new BIG LOVE bisexual wife, at: ~ You randy little devil you. ~

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