Friday, November 25, 2016


If you don't believe that Donald Trump uses hairspray everyday, after his daily shampoo job, then you do not have the spirit of prophecy within you. ~ That is the testimony of Jesus Christ in REV.19; which is the official number of my future wife Jodie Foster in the FOXES prophecy. ~ Think Washington's all natural FOSTER FARMS chickens meet Arkansas' all natural TYSON brand chickens. ~ It all tastes like really yummy chicken to me. ~ And that's a good thing; more or less. ~ Depending on how you cook it naturally. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KEN KEMP: Very few people in my life know that I am just a normal guy, who appears to be adnormal, because of my highly adnormal calling in life. ~ PS TRUMP: Those Reformed Jewish Nazi feminist Dutchman haters called Mother Teresa a white supremacy Neonazi on the same day that the news came out about India's nationalist Prime Minister being one of your biggest fans; like in THE DARJEELING LIMITED meets DELIVERANCE. ~ PS ELTON JOHN: After over 40 years of people saying that you look like a cute little monkey playing the piano; don't you think that there must be something to it?. ~ PS MS MONTANA: Your bejewelled birthday ring was my much anticipated cue to finally watch Mel Brook's THE TWELVE CHAIRS prophecy about the lost ten tribes of Israel, at: ~ AND: ~ AND: ~

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