Thursday, November 10, 2016


PANIC AT THE DISCO was your typical last days one-hit-wonder band-of-brothers sign from God about Burt Reynolds being the only adult in the room at the ending of such amazing latter-day movies about Donald Trump becoming President in the very near future; at:!_at_the_Disco ~ AND: ~ Note the enclosed STARBUCKS/CAFE SOCIETY 5-point star motif of the ten virgins prophecy in MATTHEW 25 and ISAIAH 4:1. ~ Wrote back in the time when most girls were expected to be virgins and get married to their older husbands by at least age 17, 18, maybe 19, at the most; if the money was right. ~ "I lost my virginity at age 19 in Virginia. ~ But it wasn't that big of a deal. ~ We just got up and went back to the stands and watched the rest of the football game." paraphrasing Sandra Bulluck on the Howard Stern show, circa 1996. ~ GSR/TWN ~ TWA NOTES: "What a dramanic landing!!" Says the crazy in-the-head Jewish Harvard professor after he lands at LAX in HIGH ANXIENTY, 1977. ~ ROSEMARY'S BABY MOVIE NOTES: Modern evil 666 democracy is the Jewish synagogue of Satan media alternative in REVELATIONS:3. ~ PS GISELE BUNDGEN: More manly poligamy, less pussy-whipped monogamy. ~ For example, WILD ORCHID was about a real man estate mogal from 1776 Philadelphia who had to escape from the new and improved 666 beast in zero 16, at: . ~ Think THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN meets GOLDMEMBER meets THE NOVEMBER MAN; starring Pierce Brosnan in MATADOR.

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