Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Mr.Ed's executive secretary likes to sniff her mini bottles of white-out glue in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF. ~ Because in the last days, Ephraim, Utah will become as high as a kite, but not with wine. ~ Ergo, Ed has to go back to school himself, while sitting next to that little green elephant Republican girl on the no.720 school bus, at: http://foxbaltimore.com/news/local/school-bus-mta-bus-involved-in-serious-crash-in-sw-baltimore ~ In confirmation of the ballpark left field foul ball in the above zero 16 election prophecy that came out in 86. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CAMPAIGN AD NOTES: Bueller's father was talking about another yuuge physical transfiguration TV campaign "For those who think young." and like to drink PEPSI by the keg. ~ Talk about product placement in Hollywood motion pictures when it comes to promoting the TRUMP brand. ~ PS KENNY KEMP: I will never forget our years spent together back in the Ronald McDonald Reaganite 1980s. ~ When both of us were in complete agreement that a 44 oz. DIET PEPSI at ARCO was vastly superior in taste and texture to a DIET COKE 44 oz. BIG GULP at 7-11. ~ PS TARANTINO: See what happens when you vote for new age love guru fascism and not old school square pants republicanism? ~ Hey, shit happens.

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