Tuesday, November 22, 2016


That black African school bus driver with primitive looking dreadlocks, named Johnnie Walker, was speeding down the 1290 days Talley Road when his no.366 rig full of virgin negro kids got sideways and smashed into the unmoveable genealogy tree of the House of Israel in Hamilton County, Tenn. ~ In confirmation of the Chattanooga choo choo on track 29 that takes the Jewish Dr.Frankenstein to his 7 hills castle in the physical Transylvania 6-5000 Mel Brooks movie. ~ Where the Donald Trump pitchfork rebellion happens in zero 16. ~ Hence, Rush Limbaugh's no.5 Tenn virgins childrens book comes out today. ~ Which is the 11.22 anniversary of the assassination of JFK in Glenn Beck's adopted home town of Dallas, Texas. ~ Where the two bullets that took out the Catholic liberal with political mob connects was fired from an elementary school book depository. ~ And I will never forget all of my elementary school teachers at University Heights [highlands] openly weaping and wailing in the hallways as I walked up the old wooden stairs between classes. ~ GSR/TWN ~ CHATANOOGA CHOO CHOO NOTES: According to the song's lyrics, they serve ham and eggs on the track 29 train by the time it gets down to Carolina. ~ Hence, the food and fare of Babylon creates the little bipolar monsters featured in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN meets THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW's 1976 prophecy about the physically transfigured blond leader taking over at the surprise ending. ~ Where even George W. Bush Jr. and Alex Baldwin Sr. have to stand up and give me a hand of applause. ~ PS SIENNA: Last night I dreamed that we were both staying at the same time-travel time-share 1980s era condo complex resort somewhere up on Vancouver Island, BC. ~ When we accidently bumped into each other while coming out of the resort's shared co-ed college style showers buck naked. ~ So I kissed you on the lips; saying so what, we are practically like brother and sister by now. ~ And then we both wanted to fuck; but there was this other younger guy with you who was messing up the picture. ~

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