Tuesday, November 15, 2016


The LDS temple sounds of Donald Trump's prophetic trumpets back up the Broadway, New York musical number that opens with TO BE OR NOT TO BE like "...sweet Georgie Brown". ~ Which eventually ends with the half Jewish Hitler shortie sitting in the very same FORD THEATER box seat where he was shot after the first civil war in the back of the head with a black powder .50 lead ball the size of a 50 cent candy machine jawbreaker; symbolically speaking. ~ And then we see the NYT newspaper headlines that call Trump a tyrant and a monster, etc. etc. ~ You don't actually believe that some small business man who voted for Trump is literally going to install a 19' commercial convayer-belt dishwasher in the house where I grew up in Seattle on Britney Spears' upcoming all night long birthday party, do you? ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS KING: I AM is forced to put a lot of this offensive stuff on my BB because so many of my new readers don't understand that your above quote was about when some big black dog named Bullet broke so many of your bones in EZE.37. ~ And then you had to pay the price for all of the exwife type shit that you and Kenny Kemp have been saying about me for the past 21 years of the SILENCE OF THE LAMBS in REV.8:1. ~ PS MISS HANNA MONTANA: In my heart and mind, you will always be that hot babe righty with a really sweet-ass tan who sits right beside me in the back of that black LINCOLN limo in the opening scenario of THE KING OF NEW YORK meets THE KING OF COMEDY. ~ PS WOODY ALLEN: According to my most recent visionary dream updates; there are only three CAFE SOCIETY/HAIL CAESAR/ME ORSON WELLES era Hollywood broads out there right now who are strong enough financially and career wise, and have enough fuck-you money to deal with me making my underaged FFING film fantasies come true. ~ Starting with Gwyneth Paltrow, whose net worth is now threatening the $1 billion level. ~ Then comes Sandra Bullock, the Texas real estate magnet. ~ Followed up in a blink of an eye by Charlize Theron. ~ You get what you pay for at the beginning up fronts is what I always say. ~ Look at it as the orange juice that primes the pump in my home town of Seattle, Washington. ~ Where I now get 10% of evey tax free off shore dollar that flows in and out of the Emerald City; kkk. the Jet City. ~ Because every single movie that Elvis Presley ever made was a Donald Trump shampoo hair job prophecy. ~ PS MICHAEL: One of the biggest conspiracy theories out there right now is about the Jewish media trying to hide the fact that the Jewish Donald Trump actually does sound pretty amazing on your typical kareokee lyrics music machine HI-FI stereo system. ~ PS ANGELINE LILLY: Climate change is a function of Sodom and Egypt in REV.11. ~ Therefore, you owe me at least 10% of your greedy and selfish $15,000,000 savings account horde at THE BANK OF CANADA. ~ You should be so lucky that this is all that I want from you for now; you silly little lucky girl... ~

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