Wednesday, November 30, 2016


The five virgin SPICE GIRLS return from Milano, Italia on a British [VIRGIN] midnight flight no.1919 in confirmation of that midnight hour jet crash in Columbia. ~ Which represented all of those hot Italian soccer star dancers in their compromise gay ass video number musical. ~ Ergo, the video director is always wearing a heavy orange winter coat in the movie that was made in summer time; and released on Boxing Day, 1997 in London. ~ And when their long-suffering manager/polygamist husband figure gets the word from the 007 Chief at 9:00, we see the BOOK OF MORMON continent of South America in the near background. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS BRITNEY: The way it's looking right now, I'm probably going to be delving into the amazing signs and wonders surrounding SPICE WORLD all the way up to and through your birthday. ~ Hopefully, I'll find a way in the meantime to come up for air and have a quick look at '10'. ~ Which I have been meaning to get around to for the longest time. ~ PS REESE WITHERSPOON: The Jewish businessman, who looked like Mel Brooks, and created the double BIG MAC burger of Judah and Ephraim for his 47 [HASTY TASTY] restaurants during his hay days, just died at 98 in the same union town area where they made WAYNES WORLD, per: ~ SPICY NOTES: Here is a great look at my manager husband in SPICE WORLD; who has a really hard time ree!ing in his five foolish wives, at: ~ In my world, everyone gets to catch the big fish. ~

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