Sunday, November 6, 2016


A certain Scotish Mr.McGuffin called in and changed Dr.Dick Head's 2nd floor room to a top floor REV.17th suite at the very very high TRUMP HYATT in HIGH ANXIETY's zero REV.16 election prophecy. ~ Where at the end the Harvard PhD sings, "High anxiety... You win!" ~ As just confirmed by that 5.0 breakup earthquake sign on the Lord's Day in Payne County, Oklahoma; due north of Obama's 1-44 landmarks in [Jewish] Abe Lincoln County. ~ Which continues the prophetic ten virgins thread in Payne's movie about little Miss Hillary's SIDEWAYS campaign for high school president in ELECTION. ~ GSR/TWN ~ HWY.77 NOTES: The Scottish Rite Masonic Center is located along Hwy.77's extremely active earthquake area in Oklahoma. ~ Hence, all of those right wing extremists who rightfully believe that Trump is the head of a secret [parallel I-35] Illuminati plot to overthrow the crown of England. ~ NEW READER NOTES: Mel Brooks was the person who launched the filmmaking career of David Lynch. ~ Who still is probably the most artistic and sophisticated figure in the entire history of satellite-cable television and independent college town cinema. ~ God broke the clay potter mold after he made David Lynch. ~ The original Eagle Boy Scout with 23 arrows from Missoula, Montana. ~ ELECTION NOTES: November 8, 2016 means nothing to me anymore. ~ I believe in early Roman republicanism, not late Roman fascism. ~ As portrayed in such inspired films as HAIL CAESAR! and ME&ORSON WELLES. ~ Think SILENCE OF THE LAMBS meets HANNIBAL; both of which are about today's negro lesbian bitch FBI problem over at the DOJ and the Greek White House. ~ PS ANTHONY HOPKINS: Your highly unlikely, and completely amazing acting career in Hollywood was a totally unbelievable Providential prelude preparation for my own brilliant acting debut in some kind of a Hannibal Lecturer Big Lebowski rip off. ~ [Loved the young at heart chewing gum and all.] ~ I always did know that some day I would own a very nice museum like place in Fiorenza, Italia, Toscana. ~ After I had to flee from my own country for 10 or 5 years per my own private movie entitled THE FRESHMAN, circa November, 1990, Provo, Utah. ~

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