Sunday, November 20, 2016


Your typical Jewish atheist Dr.Frankenfurter figure in YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN creates a 7'6" tall white negro NBA player made from a lynched negro sketch by his humpback sidekick I Gore; who loves music. ~ And who has the same kind of "balance and coordination" that the [eastern European] Jew later produces in the movie's staged HAMILTON musical Broadway scenes. ~ Wherein the newly created 666 beast attacks the audience where the Vice President Elect Penis figure is sitting. ~ Hamilton being the historic figure who favored power-oriented centralized government control; i.e. THE CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964, and the younger Bush Jr.'s unconstitutional centralized education fiats. ~ Ergo, the evil old lady in the above 1974 film sets the dangerous negro giant free in the third act. ~ Who later climbs the castle's stonewalls next to the primitive 4 ape men carving. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PORK SAUSAGE LINKS: This link has some nice shots of the prophetic trumpeter/tweeter perched on top of the desecrated 1290 days temple in DANIEL 12. ~ That now allows the sons of Ham to enter into it; ever since that deep throat cancer shorty Spencer Kimball received his black rites priesthood revelation from Satan somewhere around 1974-76, at: ~ Note the Barack Obama opera house LINCOLN CENTER context. ~ Not to mention the bigger Hudson River picture, yada yada, at: ~ AND: ~ 2BC.INFO NOTES: Modern revelation tells us that the negro does not have to spend hours and hours, day after day, sitting in the SLC,UT temple, getting bored out of their minds, just in order to enter into the Kingdom of God and perhaps maybe get a tiny little slice of the pie. ~ Thank you Jesus!! ~ Think I'll have another one. ~ And make it a quick tall one while you're at it. ~ My flight to the British Virgin Islands, via Miami, leaves in 15 minutes. ~ Catch me if you can. ~ NOT! ~ See: ~ PS ELIZABETH: I finally got my new and improved US PASSPORT; since Steven Hughes had legally adopted my two blond sons; and therefore all of my past bullshit child support liability issues were deleted from the computers. ~ Oh well. ~ Maybe my Russian friends did it. ~ And now that I think about it; having an official Russian diplomat passport during the Donald Trump era does feel more James Bond; sexy sports car included of course. ~

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