Wednesday, November 2, 2016


So far anyway, the SCREAM:5 meets ELECTION:II event that everyone has been dreading was the very scarey report on Halloween about the FBI getting a search warrent to go through all of those [deleted] 31k emails that little Miss Hillary and the NYT though that she got rid of months ago. ~ Talk about what goes around comes around and bites you in the ass, James Comedy style. ~ Isn't the modern day invention of the 666 Internet a beautifull thing? ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS RZ: Last night at 4:25 am PST, I dreamed that after you had topped off your English actress girlfriend, you wanted to top me off too; WOW!! what a huge surprise!! I was completely OK with that. ~ PS CONAN O'BRIEN: More liberal republicanism, less liberal democracy. ~ The niggers and the homosexual Jewish lesbians are never going to like you that much anyway; so why worry about it? ~ Think about it. ~ You are now getting too old and too boring on TBS/TNT for a reason; more younger looking Jimmy Kimmy out in LA, less older looking Jimmy Fallon back in MANHATTAN meets MANHATTAN NIGHT, at: ~ PS MISS SIRE US: More Montana, less Australia; that is yours truly sitting right next to my Indian bride in seat no.104 in FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, a.k.a THE INVISIBLE MAN in winter time, 2016/17. ~ THE FRESHMAN NOTES: Jesus Christ himself has been preparing me to make my big 1980s West LA movie [suprise FBI investigation ending] debut BYU college student return at: meets: ~ PS EMMA WATSON: More manly intellectualism, less female emotionalism. ~ "Speaking as a lesbian, woman are too sexually and politically passive..." Camille Paglia, circa 1993. ~

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