Saturday, November 19, 2016


Alec Bald/win will do Trump one more time on SNL tonight. ~ In confirmation of that Paul Garrison ALASKA AIRLINES Captain who recently got lost in the snow around Bald Mountain, Alaska at: ~ AND: ~ Because I had just realized that Mel Brook's YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN 1974 was a future physical transfiguration prophecy about Trump's high tower castle in Jew York; where he is now putting together the body parts of his young administration, at: ~ And why not? ~ Who are you going to believe these days? ~ Some low-information 25 year-old Jewish wizz kid at the NYT, or yours truly? ~ Who has a proven 21-years track record. ~ Heck, even CNN is now relying on the unconfirmed [birth certificate] reports from those three Jewish guys from Brooklyn, NY at the ADL/SPLC about Donald Trump's supporters stealing Jewish babies and eating them alive like the Scotish "Fat Bastard" figure does in AP:II&III. ~ GSR/TWN ~ 1974 NOTES: I got married to my Germanic French wife from outside Nancy, Loraine on June 20, 1974. ~ Then after 5 short years of complete devotion and tolerance of her neverending thankless Nichole Kidman type femminist [backstabbing real man] hating bullshit, she actually had the nerve to tell me that I looked like Adolf Hitler. ~ Right before she kidnapped my two cotton top sons and took a UNITED flight back to Franch at the very hight of Thanksgiving season, November 19-20, 1979. ~ Of course, the first thing that Hitler did after the socialist worker [Michael Moore] unions put him into power, was invade and take over the eastern German border of France. ~ Ergo, "I'm starting to get into late season fall harvest German rieslings..." says my prep-school teacher figure from San Diego, CA, using so many words in SIDEWAYS. ~ Only because he was trying to fuck both Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron at the same time; after they had enough wine, at: ~

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