Friday, November 11, 2016


I finished watching CAFE SOCIETY's dark portrait of the Jewish [Larry King] type afterlife down in Miami, Florida on the same day that the jew/news broke about Leonard Cohen dying at age 8.2 out in LA; and not NYC, much less Montreal, Canada; on the Jewish type eve of the zero effect 16 election. ~ Oh how the dreams of the Jewish marxist 1960s hippies are now dying off, left and right, almost on a daily basis; like at ~ As just confirmed by Robert Redford's and Stephen King's completely symultaneous retirement announcements that doubled confirmed the end of Hillary's own political stage acting career. ~ Ergo, the NYT's art section piece printed out on late Thursday about Dylan's newly remastered 1960s era music. ~ I know, OUCH KABIBLE!!!, like at, ~ Jesus fucking Christ Miley Sire Us; more feel good born again new age christianity, less feeling like a bitch trapped in hell forever satanism. ~ Jesus loves you, and he wants to party with you. ~ So stop trying to sabotage me. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS EMMA: You got your Internet college degree from that fat brown lesbian lady who is the president of Brown University for around $100,000 because the dark color brown is on the dark side of the rainbow. ~ In other words, "Be nice to your [white] parents, because they were nice to you." When Mel Brooks sings HIGH ANXIETY WINS, and that lady in the dark background is sipping on a burning bloody Mary cocktail. ~

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