Sunday, November 13, 2016


"Surprise surprise!!" shouts the BIG BROWN delivery man from Scotland at the three-way ending to AUSTIN POWERS:II, The Spy Who Shagged Me. ~ When he breaks down the 1960s hipsters' door and pulls out his .44; like some Jewish magician pulling a white rabbit out of his black hat. ~ Or like I recently told Woody Allen; you give me Barack Obama, I give you Donald Trump. ~ [Talk about getting 2-1 odds from those one-eyed Jews in London.] ~ Who is one of the biggest wheeler-dealers in all of America. ~ I know, I know, "It's not even fair!!" says my character in THE WEDDING CRASHERS; role played to perfection by Will Ferrell, at: ~ Wherefore: the NYT's inhouse Polish Jew figure Dr.Nicholas Kristof was at some spiritually and mentally insane philosophy convention for fruits and nuts in 1776 Philadelphia, when some little shit sneaked into his very very high priced hotel room on the Sabbath and grabbed his sleeping wife's REV.17 whore purse, at: ~ Located next to that same Liberty Bell seen at the top of the high tower VERTIGO finale in HIGH ANXIETY. ~ Seriously now; the enclosed Steven Hugh's look alike grew up on a cherry farm in the Portland State College area; according to the latest time&date stamp on his wiki page at 10:28, 18:42 Julia Roberts time. ~ Because everyone in CAFE SOCIETY is living in a parallel 35 line universe; circa zero 16. ~ GSR/TWN ~ THE BREAKUP NOTES: That 7.8 in the ten virgins islands of New Zeal/land was about the Chicago earthquake in REV.16. ~ When 10% of the city will be destroyed, and 7000 people will die; metaphorically speaking. ~ PS WOODY: Last night I dreamed that your typical small business man [Donald Trump voter] contractor agreed to install some new 19' long super-duper dishwasher at my childhood home on 5717, 16th Ave N.E. in Seattle; three weeks from now. ~ PS LL: If your daddy on Long Island, NY voted for Trump, then both of you get the prize. ~ Otherwise, it's back to the end of the line for you two. ~ PS MICHAEL SAVAGE: According to the lost ten tribes prophets in DC 133, there will be no revival in the doomed city of San Francisco. ~ However, Marin County is a whole different ballgame; you win some, you lose some. ~

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