Saturday, November 5, 2016


Hillary's desparate last days campaign to save her beloved 7 Beverly Hills status quo started to go sideways during the WORLD SERIES' 7 games championship. ~ Where at the very last second of FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF, he uses his CHICAGO CUBS foul ball to turn off his sleeping 5 virgins sound effects in MATT 25. ~ Ergo, the historic no.108 event ended 3 1/2 days before the Lord's Day of the resurrection at ~ Hey, why not? "...everyone is doing it." HIGH ANXIETY, circa 1977. ~ Including at least half of the FBI agents who have been hired by the stomach vomit inducing illegal [ALIEN] administration for the past 42 months. ~ And that's probably a good thing. ~ That is if you see the alternative look alike ending to THE BREAKUP in the right way; and not the wrong way. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS VV: My idea of a really great THE BIG LEWBOWSKI sequel, costarring Brad Pitt fucking Chloe Moretz and Miley Cyrus on my restored 51' sailboat, has now evolved into some kind of a 007 ROD STEEL rip off; with you playing the more interesting and juicy antagonist Antichrist role. ~ And the best part is, if we never hear from you, then I get to play the part myself. ~ Think THE WEIGHT OF WATER meets DOUBLE WHAMMY; least I repeat myself. ~ PS JIMMY: More certain manliness, less uncertain weak whateverness... PS EMMA WATTSON. Stop bothering me with your stupid little girly it girl bullshit. ~ I AM is not that impressed. ~ More underaged virgin sex with your high school cheerleader teacher gym coach husband; less strange sex with other older men in public bathrooms at airports, subways, and public parks. ~ PS LL: Everything that you are doing right now is the will of Jesus. ~ Therefore, you get to be in all of my San Francisco Bay TRUMP TOWER Hitchcock HYATT HOTEL remake movies. ~ And don't worry about having any completion insurance. ~ Like I could give a fuck if you even show up on time for rehearsals. ~ "I would cast Lindsay Lohan in any movie." Taratino, circa 2016. ~ Just remember this much. ~ After I deposit $4,000,000 in tax free off shore cash money for every baby that you give me; that is all you get, for now anyway. ~ Think about it. ~ Brad Pitt has six kids; times $4,000,000 per kid; which equals $24,000,000. ~

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