Sunday, November 13, 2016


TO BE OR NOT TO BE is about today's Jews coming up short in zero 16; after trying to do everything in their girl-power to save the born again 666 beast in REV.13. ~ For instance, Mel Brooks looks like a half Jewish Adolf Hitler shortie in his 1983 movie's opening stage SNL comedy skit that pokes fun at Kim Kardashian's big fat nigger Oprah Winfrey butt. ~ When the Polish sausage klowns arrive in their klown kar at the KLOTSKI KLOWN HOTEL at around 1:29... minutes into it. ~ GSR/TWN ~ KKK NOTES: According to media reports, for every 1000 niggers out there protesting Donald Trump, there are at least two white guys trying to take advantage of the situation to promote white power Nazism. ~ Kind of like those same 8 white guys who showed up every year in Spokane, Washington during the 80s. ~ Trying in vain to shout down the hundreds of smiling hostile media reporters gathered around them with their megaphones. ~ Sometimes this shit just writes itself. ~ CRY ME A RIVER NOTES: As usual, there is a significantly symbolic rock band that Providentially represents every phase of the 1260-1290 days prophecy. ~ For the latest miraculously healed and born again Ronald Reagan era headache example, see: ~ PS JIM CARREY: The only thing that can save you now is the new and improved Republican Party. ~ Hang in there buddy. ~ If not for you, I probably would not be where I AM is today. ~ Meanwhile, how about I hook you up with two of my favorite flirty fishing wives; Scarlett Johansson and Paris Hilton; and we take care of your herpes no.1 and no.2 problems a little later. ~ Around the same time that we find a cure for Charlie Sheen's AIDS problems? ~ PS CHLOE MORETZ: I can't wait to dive into TAXI DRIVER's zero 16 election prophecy because the iconic Martin Scoresese film is about me and you fucking our brains out inside my production trailer in zero 17. ~ And nobody can stop us; not even Austin Powers. ~

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