Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Because of the talk radio two witnesses prophecy in REV.11, President Trump will eventually get to do every single thing that he said during his shock jock radio campaign; plus more. ~ Because in Mel Brook's 1983 prophecy about the Jews becoming the new Ronald McDonald klown Nazi comedians in the latter-days, it says, "THE MARK [13] STOPS HERE" on Hitler's theater prop desk. ~ In confirmation of the Jewish Abe Lincoln from Illinois getting what he deserved at that theater in DC, circa zero 17. ~ Hence the movie's 'break a leg' political theater civil war actor jokes; yada, yada. ~ You cap me in the back of the head, I cap you in the back of the head. ~ You pay me a favor, I pay you a favor. ~ All is fair in love and war. ~ As in Mel role playing the disloyal Jewish unamerican Harvard professor with a fake beard in the above Reagan era movie. ~ GSR/TWN ~ STONE COLD NOTES: Check out this new TAXI DRIVER advertisement campaign by Ferris Bueller's father, a.kkk, the polish sausage king of the cowboys in MULHOLLAND DR. etc. at: https://professionalscollection.com/ ~ Note the newly designed Mormon underwater stylings of the upcoming [vampiric] physical transfiguration blood cleansing process at 2bc.info ~ WHAT HAPPENS NEXT NOTES: Last night at 11:23 pm, Michael said, "It's all over!" Whatever that means. ~ Maybe he was suggesting that the NYT is going to fire several of their key senior editors. ~ In order to "shift! shift! shift!" the fault of their front page election news [birth certificate] scandal onto their inferiors, per: TO BE OR NOT TO BE's professional theater actors who would never never compromise their art for a big fat Hollywood paycheck in CAFE SOCIETY meets ANNIE HALL. ~ BFD. ~ President Trump was born on June 14, 46. ~ You don't believe that it means anything. ~ I don't believe that it means anything either; relatively speaking; the joke is on you; "OK, that's enough..." Liz Hurley, AUSTIN POWERS: I-II-III. ~

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