Monday, November 21, 2016


Don't count on today's backstabbing neocon pukes to help the Rich family find out who shot their son two times in the back, at: ~ Since most of them believed that Trump would lose the election big time because of their persistent traditionalism belief in Barack Obama's mystical virgin mother birth happening in Hawaii. ~ Per that Republican Party higharchy train wreck in Puk.. [Indiana] at: ~ Mostly because there was the usual birth announcement in the HONOLULU ADVERTISER that was automatically generated by Obama's legal birth certificate filing; signed off by his grandmother; proudly and legitamately stating that he was born in Kenya while his mother was over there on vacation with her husband. ~ So why continue to harp on the subject? ~ Well, this is the main reason why Donald Trump got 306 electral college [Hamilton] votes, and Hillary Clinton got butt kiss. ~ GSR/TWN ~

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