Monday, November 28, 2016


SPICE WORLD is a 1260 days 1990s prophecy about Mr.McMaxford sitting up in his luxurious TRUMP TOWER offices scheming about how he is going to take down the Girl Power Democrat Party with the fake news headlines about Obama's fake birth certificate and stolen Social Security number on December 15, 2016. ~ Which plays out as his hired SS Nazi reporter/henchman stalks the 5 foolish virgin girls. ~ Who actually believe at the end of the movie that they finally destroyed the Donald with a photo of him in the NYT having three way sex with two of his BIG LOVE wives in a LEISURE WORLD, Buckley, Washington hot tub, circa 1993; if wishes were horses of course, of course.. ~ GSR/TWN ~ MORMON UNDERWARE NOTES: Here is Orlando [Florida] Bloom wearing his abrieviated LDS temple garments as he gets on a jet plane to Spain, at: ~ In other words, Old Testament Mormon polygamy is the exact opposite of New Testament Catholic celibacy. ~ PS ELIZABETH HURLEY: At this point in time, I don't really care if you want to fuck me or not. ~ But if you allow my adopted son to be fucked by other men, then we do have have a very very serious problem. ~ "I will go through the depths of hell, if that is what it takes to save my family." Joseph Smith. ~ ZERO EFFECT NOTES: Those insider clique Jewish kids on the list at WASHPO, DC thought that they could expose me as being some kind of a FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE secret double agent; just because I took three years of Russian language classes at Roosevelt High School in Seattle. ~ Guess they forgot that I was the de facto king of the serior student body class back in 1969. ~ When nobody was ever allowed to look me in the eye; except for Ken McLeod, Kit Winn, and Paul Herrick.

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