Saturday, November 26, 2016


Miley's new gold cushion birthstones ring matches the last golden cushion chair full of precious jewels in THE TWELVE CHAIRS of Israel's lost 12-tribes movie that came out on Julia [jewel] Roberts' birthday in 1970, at: ~ Which ended up financing the UNITED ORDER CREDIT UNION's new temple veil drapes at the end of the prophetic 017 Communist revolution movie. ~ For when Gonzo climbs down the display shelves full of sports trophies at TIFFANY to return the diamond necklace [in taxes] that he stole. ~ GSR/TWN ~ REAL NEWS NOTES: My idea of fake news is the NYT putting Obama's fake birth certificate on their front page. ~ And then Sheriff Arpaio holds a real news conference about it on December 15, 2016. ~ PS ARTY: Never. Ever. Try to bullshit a bullshitter. ~ PS SANDY: Apparently both Jennifer Aniston and Katy Holmes now want to get into your 4-1 odds limited partnership payoff motion picture deal offering. ~ Heck, why not? ~ The more the better is less risky is what I always say. ~ Besides, how can you lose money in the deal if both Woody Allen and Martin Scorsese agree to direct me in LAST TANGO IN PARIS:II meets SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE:II ? ~ And then the race begins for who wants to be the first one who discovered the long lost 'Where is Greg?' figure in the iconic Tom Hanks movie. ~

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