Monday, November 14, 2016


During this morning's PST Rush hour, the Germanic anticommunist Limbaugh said that everyone has been so afraid to criticise America's great race leader for the past 42 months because of their legitimate fear of today's politically correct neo marxist Jews; who now are in control of everything in the G7 nations. ~ Many of whom are barely over 5' tall. ~ Even the same ones who parade around in Nazi uniforms in TO BE OR NOT TO BE. ~ Ergo, all of those black&white WWII documentaries that depict hordes of Jewish war refugees fleeing Poland on foot; during the future cold hearted zero 17 winter season in MARK 13. ~ What goes around comes around, times two. ~ GSR/TWN ~ PS TARANTINO: I still have not seen your INGLORIOUS BASTARDS' movie about today's Jews becoming the new and improved Nazis. ~ All of whom die in that Hollywood movie theater bombing. ~ "I couldn't understand the 300 page screenplay, but I agreed to do it anyway because it was a Quinton Taratino movie." Brad Pitt. ~ Ergo, he still can not understand why the ice queen Angelina Jolie is divorcing him; and Trump won the election by 306 to 230 or something. ~

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